The Closer We Get

Karen Guthrie - 87'


Karen’s mother Ann suffers a devastating stroke that brings her daughter back home. But Karen isn’t the only one who comes back to help care for Ann in the crisis: Her prodigal father – the endearing yet unfathomable Ian, who’s been separated from Ann for years – also reappears. Reunited so unexpectedly, and armed with her camera, Karen seizes this last chance to go under the skin of the family story before it’s too late, to come to terms with the aftermath of the secret her father had tried – and failed – to keep from them all, and to nd that Ann’s stroke has in fact thrown them all a life raft. With candour, warmth and much unexpected humour, Karen’s role as family con dante, busybody, therapist and spy brings to life both an extraordinary story and a profound portrait of family survival.



Karen Guthrie


Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope


Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope


Alice Powell


Country: United Kingdom, 2015

Duration: 87'

Categories: In competition - LET ME KNOW THE SECRET - BIDF 2016