It Doesn’t Feel Like Home

Gulyás János - 102'
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The opening moments of this 2-part film take us back to scenes from "4 Days of Remembering" that were shot in the month after the Ajka red sludge disaster that took place on October 4, 2010, when we meet a young girl involved in painting the memorial wall, who takes students back to her old house. All four members of her family were rescued on the day of the disaster, and were then forced to move in with their grandmother. Virtually all of the nearly 300 families left homeless by the disaster have since found somewhere new to live: many bought houses and flats, others left the town or moved into the new housing estate. But this family represents one of the few who have still not managed to resettle and, three years on, are still living out of boxes, and have bought materials to build a new house but have not yet been able to move in. Several victims recall the fateful day, describing their injuries and their time spent in hospital. In the second part of the film, we meet a number of families who have chosen to live in one of the 89 houses in the purpose-built housing estate on the edge of the town. These people describe their emotional trauma, and how it feels to leave the homes that many of them built themselves and move into houses built by the state. They also tell of the unexpected problems they encountered as their resettlement became a reality. A few local residents decide to take the initiative and work to build a new community.




Gulyás János
Gulyás János
Gulyás János
Gulyás János, Koncz Gabriella




102 min